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Case study:
Pre-refurbishment asbestos survey for derelict hotel conversion   

Case study: Pre-refurbishment asbestos survey


Property Developer


Pre-refurbishment asbestos survey


Intelligent Building Works was contacted by a client who owned a vacant, partly derelict hotel and needed to understand if asbestos was present before renovation could commence.

Prior to refurbishment work commencing on the property, we advised the client  that they needed a pre-demolition asbestos survey undertaken, in order to establish if there were any asbestos containing materials (ACMs) on site and, if so, what condition they were in.

Asbestos in pipe lagging


Having being derelict for a while, the hotel had areas that were in poor condition and had been vandalised.  We therefore carried out a pre-survey inspection throughout the entire property to understand the extent of the vandalism and establish what materials had been damaged. This pre-survey inspection was carried out with all surveyors wearing full personnel protective equipment (PPE) and respiratory protective equipment (RPE).  This allowed us to fully investigate the property and understand if any ACM’s had been vandalised, potential fibres released and areas contaminated. 

Once cleared, we then conducted the actual pre-demolition asbestos survey, using a top down approach. The surveyors started in the roof void after inspecting all external elevations at high and low level. They then worked their way down through four floors to the basement.

A mixture of ACM materials were located at the property for example sink pads, pipe lagging, wall debris.

Asbestos in cement radiator panel

Findings and recommendations

We discussed the content of the final survey report with our client and advised that removal works, environmental cleans and air tests would be needed prior to the refurbishment works commencing.

On our client's request, we organised the removal works through one of our preferred independent asbestos removal contractors. and ensured that the contractor located and removed all ACMs to the required standards. We then instructed an independent air monitoring company to run multiple air tests throughout the property to ensure that all areas were safe for reoccupation.  Finally we collated all the required supporting documents and certificates to form the property's asbestos file for future reference.

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