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Notifiable non-licensed asbestos work and non-licensed asbestos removal services

IBW offers cost-effective non-licensed and notifiable non-licensed asbestos works nationally. We ensure a safe service with the minimum disruption to your business.



What is non-licensed work with asbestos?

Non-licensed asbestos work and nonlicensed asbestos removal covers low risk activities where:

  • The exposure of workers will not exceed the legal control limit of 0.1 asbestos fibres per cubic centimetre of air (0.1 f/cm3) (averaged over a four hour period).

  • The concentration of asbestos in the air is sporadic and of low intensity e.g does not exceed 0.6f/cm3 measured over 10 minutes.

  • The work meets at least one of these conditions:

    • It is a short, non-continuous maintenance job, involving non-friable ACMs.

    • It is a removal task where the ACMs are in reasonable condition and are not being broken up.  They should be contained within a matrix e.g contained within another material e.g cement, or coated.

    • It is a task where the ACMs are in good condition and are being sealed or encapsulated for future protection.

    • It is an air monitoring and control task or asbestos sampling task.

Any one carrying out non-licensed asbestos work or removals must have had appropriate training and the right information and instructions, so they can protect themselves and others from exposure to asbestos and the risks this can bring.  Prior to the work commencing a risk assessment must be carried out to ensure the appropriate controls are in place.  


What is notifiable non-licensed work with asbestos?

For some types of non-licensed asbestos work, there are additional requirements to meet – this work is called notifiable non-licensed work (NNLW) and it requires you to:

  • Notify the appropriate enforcing authority
  • Identify the areas where the work is being done
  • Carry out medical examinations
  • Keep health records

As with non-licensed asbestos work, NNLW also requires training and a risk assessment prior to the work commencing.


How we can help?

We can help you assess the work you plan to undertake and confirm if it’s licensed, NNLW or non-licensed. This will be based on the level of risk involved in the work and will take into account the type of work to be undertaken, the material’s to be worked on and their condition.  We will provide a full report and risk assessment of the work required and provide recommendations on your next steps.

The IBW team is trained to carry out non-licensed asbestos work and we’ll get the job done as safely, efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.  If you require licensed asbestos removal, we have a team of contractors who can provide these services quickly and professionally.



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