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Legionella risk assessment services

We work with a team of highly trained risk assessors who carry out legionella risk assessments to ensure your hot and cold water systems comply with the ACOP L8 approved code of practice. 

Our qualified Legionella assessors will identify and assess the sources and risks of potential Legionella contamination and provide a written plan to help you control, minimise and prevent the risk of Legionella contaminating your water system.

As part of our service we ensure that you are left with a good understanding of the risk that Legionella contamination can pose to your staff and to the public. Once we’ve completed our Legionella risk assessments we’ll provide you with relevant information so you can carry out any necessary changes that will minimise the risk of Legionella proliferation.

All our Legionella risk assessments remain valid for a period of two years, however your assessment may need to be repeated sooner if changes take place within the structure of the building or the water system, if current measures are proving inadequate, or if a case of Legionella or Legionellosis associated with your water system arises.

For more information regarding Legionella risk assessments and to book an appointment please contact us.


Do I need a Legionella risk assessment?

If you run a place of business with five or more staff, or an establishment such as a school, hospital, office premises or sports facility then you need to carry out a Legionella risk assessment every two years. Failure to carry out a risk assessment is not in itself a criminal offence but it can be used in a court of law in contravention to COSHH 2002, HSWA 1974 and MHSWA 1999.

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