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EPC surveys and certificates

If you’re planning on selling or letting a commercial property you’ll require an energy performance certificate (EPC). Under the Energy Performance of Buildings Regulations (EPBR), any building constructed, sold or let after 2008 legally requires an EPC. Only qualified assessors registered with an approved government accreditation scheme can complete an EPC.

At Intelligent Building Works we can undertake all necessary EPC services to ensure full legal compliance with the requirements of the Energy Performance Buildings Directive.

What is a commercial energy performance certificate?

A commercial energy performance certificate shows the energy efficiency of your property. It clearly indicates the current energy efficiency rating of the building and what could be achieved if further improvements were made. 

A commercial EPC gives buyers or renters a clear indication of just how efficient the property performs. The recommendation report suggests possible improvements that could be carried out to improve performance. 

Do you need an EPC survey for your property?

If you own a commercial building, or plan to lease, rent or sell a business property, you are required by law to have a current EPC. A small number of buildings are exempt from this, but in general, failing to have one can result in a fine  from Trading Standards.

Our EPC survey and certificate service

The process of acquiring an EPC is simple. One of our accredited energy assessors will visit your property and assess its energy efficiency. We’ll then produce an EPC, accompanied by a recommendation report. 

The EPC certificate clearly shows how well your property is performing right now, displaying results in a graph format that is easy to read and understand.  In addition we’ll provide recommendations on what you need to do to improve your building's energy rating in the future.

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