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Asbestos re-inspection surveys

Intelligent Building Works can provide annual re-inspection surveys - ensuring you remain compliant with health and safety regulations.



If you’ve identified asbestos containing materials (ACMs) in a commercial property that you’re responsible for then you’re obligated under The Control of Asbestos Regulations (CAR) 2012 to carry out re-inspections of each ACM.

Re-inspections are needed to monitor the condition of ACMs, which can deteriorate over time, due to weather or accidental damage.  Once this happens they could quickly become a health hazard.  Asbestos re-inspection surveys should be carried out on an annual basis, but this can depend on the type of ACM, its location and condition.

Our asbestos re-inspection survey services

At IBW we can re-inspect previously surveyed premises and update the information you hold, whether electronically or as a hard copy.  As part of IBW’s asbestos re-inspection survey service we can:

  • Assess your current asbestos survey records and data to determine what needs to be re-inspected
  • Provide costs and a programme for re-inspectin
  • Re-inspect and assess all known ACMs on you site and update your asbestos records e.g register/management plans, ensuring compliance with CAR 2012.
  • Highlight where there have been any changes to ACMs and provide recommendations to manage them going forward
  • Review your asbestos policy and management plan
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