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Case study:
Asbestos management survey for Breedon Group   

Case study: Asbestos management survey for Breedon Group


The Breedon Group

Dewsbury Cement Depot

Asbestos management survey


When the Breedon Group asked us to carry out an asbestos management survey at their large, busy cement depot, we needed to do so with minimal disruption to their operations. 

We were asked to survey a range of properties at the depot, including their office and facility blocks and the building housing the cement silos. 

Asbestos window sills


Following a desktop survey we discovered that the site contained properties of different types, sizes and usage, so we carried out a free, pre-survey site visit to determine how complex the properties were and how long the survey would take.

We spent time with the Depot Manager to arrange access to each property and discuss site specific issues.

This pre-survey visit allowed us to plan the most efficient way to carry out the survey inspection and ensure we would cause minimum disruption to the depot's daily operations.  It also meant we could understand the site's health and safety requirements, so we could complete the full asbestos management survey in the safest and most effective manner.

Asbestos cement flue

Findings and recommendations

We located a number of Non Licensed Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM’s) at different properties across the depot, including corrugated roof sheets, window sills, a cement flue, flash guards and floor tiles. Once finalised, we discussed the contents of our survey report with the Breedon Group and advised them to undertake an annual asbestos re-inspection survey, in order to meet their legal obligations.

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