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Case study:
Asbestos management survey for scout campsite   

Case study: Asbestos management survey for scouts


Tawd Vale Scout Campsite


Asbestos management survey


Tawd Vale Scout Campsite asked Intelligent Building Works to carry out an asbestos management survey of all the properties on their campsite.

With the buildings spread out over 18 acres of countryside we had lots of ground to cover, whilst keeping costs under control.  

Asbestos floor tiles


Prior to the asbestos management survey being conducted, we carried out an initial site inspection which was partly done on foot and partly done in our 4x4 off-road vehicles to accommodate for the scale of the site and terrain on which the buildings were situated.

We carried out the actual site inspection using a top down approach. We started in the roof voids of each building after inspecting all external elevations at high and low level. We then worked our way down through the first floors to ground floors.

Asbestos ceiling textured coating

Findings and recommendations

We found a mixture of ACM materials at a number of properties across the campsite, including corrugated roof sheets and toilet cisterns.

However, our report recommended that the best course of action would be to leave the ACMs in place and undisturbed, as currently they were causing no risk to the buildings’ occupants. In line with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 (CAR 2012) we advised our client to carry out annual asbestos re-inspection surveys, in order to keep their ACM register up-to-date and to regularly assess the condition of the ACMs on site.

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